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TRAINING SCHOOL 9th – 11th October 2018, Dublin, Ireland

The RANCARE Action is pleased to announce the call for applications for the Training School which will be held in Dublin, Ireland between 9th -11th  October, 2018.

The focus of the Training School will be on the implications of missed or rationed nursing care for patient safety, nurse education and management, and policy development (lead by Professor Olga Reklikiene – Working Group 4 leader and Dr Marcia Kirwan- Working Group 4 Vice Leader).

For more information about the Training School, their programme, eligibility and funding as well as for the application form please see the links below.

Deadline for applications – 13th of August 2018.

The applications for the training school should be send to Prof Raul Cordeiro (

Announcement Dublin Training School 2018

Dublin Training School 2018 – Application Form

Dublin Training School 2018 Travel and Accommodation Guide


Training Schools in Turku, Finland












The RANCARE Action realised two Training Schools which were held in Turku, Finland between 18th-22nd of September 2017. Both Training Schools run in parallel.

The focus of the 1st Training School was on Conceptual, Organisational and Methodological Issues of Nursing Care Rationing (lead by Professor Walter Sermeus – Working Group 1 leader) and the focus of the 2nd Training School was on the Ethical Perspective of Nursing Care Rationing (lead by Professor Riitta Suhonen, Working Group 3 leader).

For more information about the Training Schools realized in Turku please visit  the links below.

Training Schools 18th-22nd September 2017: Trainers – Who they are

Training Schools 18-22 September 2017- Reimbursement Information for Trainers

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