Conceptualisation, Organisational, Methodological Issues

The objectives of the Working Group 1 are: a) to map and evaluate existing knowledge regarding the factors linked to rationing (e.g. decision-making in prioritizing care) and how these contribute to its conceptualisation, b) to examine the current evidence regarding the organisational and system factors related to rationing both at European and International level e.g. skill-mix, patient to nurse staffing ratio, patient safety, economic dimensions and impact on family, and their relationship to rationing of nursing care and its conceptualization, c) to develop a common understanding about the concept of rationing of nursing care by mapping the differences and commonalities in the terminology currently used to describe and analyse the phenomenon, d) to discuss the feasibility of techniques of data collection on rationing (e.g. observation, longitudinal, audio data), their opportunities and shortcomings particularly in relation to underrporting and social desirability bias, e) to report best practice examples on methodology.

Working Group 1 Progress Report