Evidence-based interventions and intervention design

The objectives of the Working Group 2 are: a) to identify theoretically and empirically-supported interventions on rationing of nursing care, b) to encourage discussion and analysis of the underlying factors that need to be considered in intervention designs, building from the arising work of WG1 including comparison of countries, characteristics of health care systems, target population i.e. individual- (e.g. patients, nurses), organisational- (nurse managers, nursing care plans) or policy-level (e.g. job description, job analysis, task identity, nursing assistants), c) to discuss the role of decision-making aids as intervention methods, and further develop evidence-based decision-making tools, d) to discuss the evidence for technological tools in monitoring rationing of nursing care, and building from WG1, which factors to be considered in intervention development, e) to discuss the role of technology in assisting towards nursing tasks and in relation to particular age groups e.g. elderly, f) to develop ideas about specific products, e) to encourage the development of an international research consortium to prepare proposals beyond the lifetime of this Action on the feasibility and testing of new devices

Working Group 2 Progress Report